Thursday, June 25, 2020

How to tell your story

faith, storytelling
Once upon a time...

Everyone has a story. Some people know how to tell it. Others don’t. Sometimes the story gets spun in a new direction and takes on a life of its own. That’s what makes stories so powerful. They live. And they can breathe new life into a person. 

They can inspire action. Make us laugh. Make us cry. They are powerful. Something happens in our brains when we read or hear a story. We start to truly connect with the storyteller. 

A good story has the following components:
  • Once upon a time - the way things were
  • Then suddenly - something disrupted life as it was
  • Wisdom - someone or something made you see life in a new way
  • Happily ever after - there is a new way of living
For me that third step, Wisdom, is where Holy Mischief fits in. It disrupts your (or some one else's) everyday pattern so that you both see life in a new way. It is transforming love. And that is a great "happily ever after."

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