Monday, March 8, 2010

Ode to Dr. Suess

On the second of March, in the cold of the snow
I forgot a great birthday of a man that I know.
He taught me to read with a magical flair
And soon I was rhyming fun words without care.

I'd talk about fluegel horns, yaks and roast beast
And other things I didn't understand in the least.
I'd look at the pictures and sometimes I'd reach
To think that I indeed was the best Sneetch on the beach.

The more that I read, the more that I'd know
The more that I read, my brain started to grow
And now that I'm older I'm likely to find
That the books from my past aren't all left behind.

I share them with John R, Shane R, and Dori
I relish their laughter like my old days of glory.
I tell them of Who-ville, Sally, and Dave.
Of Dave #17 they really do rave.

And just when I think things are getting too scary
Like the empty pants and the Clark that is hairy
We turn the page to see kangaroo collars
Then keep our eyes open on how to make dollars.

So to you, Dr. Suess I declare inspiration
For help to fuel my creative reputation
And for giving me something beautiful to see
And letting me share it with Thing 1, 2, and three.

Until Everyone Hears,
God Bless Theodore Geisel AKA Dr. Suess (from one Dr to another)


Anonymous said...

FABULOUS! Love your rhymes : )


Anonymous said...

Sure enjoyed this! I forwarded it on to your cousin. She a big Dr. Suess fan too.

Anonymous said...

Awesome!!! Love this!

Anonymous said...

Hey Shannon,
Loved this!
Also have to admit that I haven't been following this year. You/Di both took a little vacation in writing so I took one in reading. I just caught back up and I agree with the person who said your blogging has really gotten better, not that it wasn't good before, it's just even better now!
PS... tell things 1-3 I love their photo with this one :)

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