Sunday, February 28, 2010

Status: In a Relationship

A friend of mine got engaged recently. I was very excited for him. He'd been through a lot in the past few years and this was a great cause for celebration. I found out about his engagement the way many people find out important news these days - facebook. Not as a status update mind you but just as a change in relationship status.

When we finally saw each other in person with a group of colleagues, I blurted out, "Hey did you hear Joe Bob's BIG news?" to which he replied, "I'm engaged." As people were getting ready to congratulate him, one of the crew responded, "Does she know yet?"

While none of us have verification of this question yet (other than that it is facebook official), it does seem to most of us that Joe Bob is making plans as though his fiancé is on board with the entire thing.

The whole question made me wonder if God knows I'm His yet. Have I been living under the assumption that He just knew? Or have I made every effort to make it clear to Him and others that we are "in a relationship."

In my tradition, there are a few tell-tale signs that you are "in a relationship" with God.

1) You spend A LOT of time together. Nothing says, "I'm into you." like a standing date night or in my case a standing quiet time in the morning. I love spending time with God. The fact that I can have some personal time with the creator of the universe makes me feel really special.

2) You feel really bad for people who aren't in a relationship. I have to say that this is one of the reasons why Christians sometimes get a bad rap. We often hear that someone doesn't believe in God or has very different views about God from our own and we begin to either look at that person like they have two heads or we pity them. I'll stick up for Christians in this moment and let you know that for the most part (there are exceptions) we don't do this because we feel superior but because we think everyone should have a relationship like we do.

3) The world just feels different. You've got those stars in your eyes. Everything smells like roses. The birds sing around you like you were Cinderella. Things just feel, smell, look, and taste different when you are in a relationship. A relationship based on love can go a long way to make the world brighter. A relationship with God not only makes it brighter - it makes it better.

4) You plan a ceremony to tell the world about your relationship. This can be different for different religions but I believe that Baptism or Confirming your Baptism is one of the most special ways to tell the world that you are "taken." As a pastor there's nothing I like more than seeing people commit to being in a covenant with God.

I hope that your status reflects that you are "in a relationship" with the Almighty. Just taking those first few steps to get to know Him are a good place to start. If you aren't "in a relationship", think about taking the next step. The roses do really smell sweeter over here.

Until Everyone Hears,


Anonymous said...

Your bullet point #2 made me think of Bridget Jones and the 'smug marrieds'. And the singles who are perfectly content but feel left out on Valentine's Day. While I'm not saying that it's wrong for you to feel badly for people who don't have a relationship with God, perhaps they just don't miss it or feel badly about it for themselves. Maybe not everyone needs that relationship in the way you do?


Shannon Karafanda said...

Oh I'm pretty sure most people don't miss it or feel like they need it. Most don't even want it. But once you've had it - its hard to do without it.

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