Friday, February 12, 2010

Good Hair Day

I just want to enlighten the men out there who really don't understand the concept of a good hair day. A good hair day can honestly make or break you. I know you must think its superficial and a reflection of low self esteem, but it's totally true.

We females use the term "good hair day" in both a literal and metaphorical sense. We can usually count on the day we visit the hair dresser to be a good hair day as he or she will style it perfectly for us and put in enough product to keep it still for at least 24 hours. But a "good hair day" can also be metaphorical - when everything just goes right and even if it doesn't that's okay because its a "good hair day."

Some important characteristics about a good hair day:

1) It is dependent on the weather. For some people, humidity and heat wreak havoc on hair. Cold weather mean a hat and we all can sympathize with hat head. I personally do best in a 20% or less humidity and around 72 degrees. That's not what I prefer overall (I like it warmer) but my hair does really well at 72 and low humidity. What do I mean by doing well? It does what I tell it do which brings me to my next point.

2) The right tools can make all the difference. I'm not sure what I did before my straightener. I think I tried using my blow dryer and curling iron to achieve the same effect but it never came close to the straightener's ability.

3) They all come in different shapes, lengths, and colors. Some people change hair styles like they change clothes. Others keep a classic cut their entire lives. Regardless of the style or color, a woman's "good hair day" varies greatly depending on the individual.

The metaphorical "good hair day" has the same characteristics.

1) The weather --> Ever experienced SAD? Seasonal Affective Disorder is a result of not enough sunlight and the winter blues. The weather affects our mood in many ways and can help us have a "good hair day" both literally and figuratively.

2) The tools --> Just as I need my straightener to get my hair right, I also need to pray and read my Bible to get my day right. If I'm in tune with God, my day is much better. I can handle things that come my way.

3) The Perfect Day --> Everyone's perfect day looks different. Some people want quiet. Others want to party. And then there are those of us who's perfect day depends on their mood. If you are trying to create your perfect day, make sure those closest to you know what you mean by that. Every day is a lot better if your friends and family help you to make it perfect for you.

So now I'm off to play in the snow. Since I'm in Georgia and its a snow day it is a rare perfect day for me. If I lived in Syracuse, I'd be sick of it. Its not a good hair day due to hat head but throwing a snowball with the kids is priceless.

Until Everyone Hears,

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Anonymous said...

I've also found that over the years, I've had to redefine my good hair days to just accept the kind of hair that I've been given as a blessing rather than a curse. It's sort of perversely satisfying to know that I can blow dry my absolutely straight hair in 5 minutes with just my fingers and it will still look better than the person who had to spend 45 minutes on theirs with straighteners. Even though for so many years I've longed for curly ringlets, they're just not worth fighting what comes naturally to me and what so many other women long for!!

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