Monday, January 4, 2010

Yumming your yuck

Here's a different twist on the saying that I've been using for the past few months. I preached about people who "yuck your yum" this Sunday. You know the type that takes some great news you have and rains all over your parade.

Well this is a different issue. Sometimes we are stuck with yucky and we need some help in seeing the yummy side.

I'll give a literal example. When I was in kindergarten, we had to be members of the clean plate club or else. I don't remember what the "else" was but I think it was bad. One day they served broccoli. At the time, I'd never had broccoli but I gave it a shot. It was way overcooked and smelled like garbage. I took a bite and nearly threw up and it took me 15 years to discover that I actually like broccoli raw or prepared properly. In order to save myself from the "else", I came up with a strategy to finish the broccoli. I held my nose, I put salt on it, and I drank milk after it really quickly.

Other things can be just as yucky. Working in a job you don't like; having a neighbor that you really don't get along with; dealing with a terrible, horrible, no good very bad day - call all be really yucky. And at times there's really not much you can do. Sure you can quit, move, or hide your head under the covers but those may not be immediate or practical solutions.

So here are some tips for yumming your yuck:

1) Hold your nose: Some things just stink. Try not to think about it. If you can fool some of your other sense, perhaps it won't be so bad. Take a picture of your favorite vacation spot to work. When things get bad, remember the fun you had on vacation.

2) Put salt on it: Sometimes we just need to add a little flavor to something to give it some kick! Try instituting crazy shirt Thursdays or group lunch Fridays. Can you get to know your neighbor better? If so, throw a party. If not, would a fence help?

3) Drink some milk quickly: At times we've just got to go ahead and do the yucky thing but if we do it quickly and wash it down with something yummy afterwards, it eases the pain. Schedule your favorite things to do so that it balances out with all the yucky things in life.

4) Keep trying: You never know if its just the situation that's making something yucky or if its the actual thing. Try doing something again later and you never know. You may like it!

5) A yummy surplus: Fill your life with as many yummy things as possible. For me I look to God first. I feel that because of God's grace, I've received many blessings in my life. I try to count my blessings and the yucky things just don't seem as prominent anymore.

So here's to a year of yumminess. May all you do be filled with good aromas, a flavorful spice, and a spoonful of sugar. And may all your blessings push out the yuckiness in life.

Until Everyone Hears,


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