Thursday, April 16, 2009


Watch out world! I'm preaching again. I love preaching because I discover so many new and different things each time I do it. Most of the time I find something new and intriguing in the scriptures and this week was no exception. But I don't want to spoil any surprises for those who may actually be in worship this week at Lighthouse (did I tell you its the coolest, hippest, funnest, most open-laid back church ever?).

Anyway (enough plugging) with all the talk of Easter, I'm sure you may have heard that Jesus is alive. Yes alive. He died but then came back. I know it sounds strange. It sounded strange even then too which is why people went to the tomb to see it in person, but they were asked, "Why do you look for the living among the dead?" Good question and as Pastor Mark said (more eloquently I might add) the answer is because the story is not about death like we may believe but its about LIFE!

So my question this week is: If the story is about life, why do we see so many dead among the living?

Catchy huh?

Okay there are so many levels that I can and will go here on Sunday but the living dead makes many think of only one thing - ZOMBIES!!!! (I can hear my SIL making her pirate noise now as she can't audibly distinguish between the two)

Now I'm not a zombie movie fan. Nor a zombie book fan. Vampires - YES. Zombies - NO. In fact that one part of zombie-like creatures in Harry Potter really froke me out. But I just had to find out more about zombies if I'm going to talk about the living dead and I discovered that there are several animals that are zombie-like. Most of them get this way due to parasites that invade their bodies to reproduce. The parasite must have its host alive in order to reproduce but it also can't have it functioning as it normally does so it basically disables many of its functions until its business is done. Creepy huh?

For more info on that go here:

But what I think is the best is that God does not make us zombies. God actually needs us alive in order to have a relationship with us AND in order for us to be His hands and feet so that we can help change the world for the better. He give us a choice to follow Him and I really like that about Him. No strong-arming no guilt (that comes from established religion) and no contract. In fact its just as easy as following someone on Twitter. God says, "Follow me. I love you." All it takes is a yes - no mind control needed.

I'm so excited about Sunday because I know that "its all because of Jesus I'm alive." And I plan to celebrate in a big way.

Until Everyone Hears,


Turff said...

You simply MUST see Shaun of the Dead. If I need to loan it to you, please let me know. You will enjoy zombies much more after that.

Jamey said...

dead means I don't have to change. If I am alive I have to change or "be changed." People don't like change so I'll just stay dead or at least pretend dead - zombie. Dead people don't scare us - dead people made alive scare us.

I like it.

Anonymous said...

Oh no, is it 'arrh' or 'arrgh'?

Actually, the best part of Shaun of the Dead is watching the people who haven't yet been turned into zombies trying to act like zombies so they don't get eaten. It's the 'living among the dead' trying to be the 'dead among the dead' so that the 'dead among the living' don't notice them. And actually, life is a lot like that for those of us who are really living - we don't want the 'living dead' to suck us down under with them, too.

-DF aka SIL who can't tell pirates from zombies

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