Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Where I saw God today...

(what is left of "Ms. B's" barn)

"But he (Thomas) said to them, "Unless I see the mark of the nails in his hands, and put my finger in the mark of the nails and my hand in his side, I will not believe."

John 20:25

One of the questions we ask at the end of each day on this mission trip is, "Where did I see God today?" Although there are many answers to this question as I saw God in many things, I'd like to share one in particular.

Our part of this mission is to help "Ms. B" with her home. It basically had the roof taken off during Hurricane Katrina and due to rain and flooding, suffered severe mold damage. The house had been reroofed, gutted and cleaned of all mold before we arrived and our job has been to insulate, hang sheet rock, and mud.

Monday I did insulation and mudding. Mudding is the art of hiding and filling gaps in the sheet rock left by studly men who like to beat the crap out of nails. It also includes taping the seams of the different pieces of sheet rock so that the walls and ceiling look like one long piece of wall instead of the many different puzzle pieces that we put together.

My Monday mudding didn't go so well. (I am after all a mudding virgin.) I did okay covering the nails but my seams seemed to bubble a bit and had to be re-done.

Today was a different story. I started by sanding the dried mud from yesterday. The light was really low in the house due to cloud cover so I had to feel the wall with my hand in order to see what more needed to be done. I also found that I could mud the new sheet rock easier and better by getting my hands dirty and feeling the seems with my hands.

I immediately thought of Thomas and how he must have felt when he put his fingers in the holes of Jesus' hands. There's something about feeling what you have done and not just hearing or seing that increases our faith. Because Thomas felt Jesus' hands he belived in the resurrection. Because I could feel the wall, I knew what I had to do.

Before this trip I saw pictures of Katrina's devistation and I saw homes as I drove through New Orleans and Mississippi but until I felt "Ms. B's" pain and suffering it wasn't personal to me.

I now have faith in doing something I couldn't before and I have faith that fixing this house will bring healing. Oh and the 9mm story? Well "Ms. B" has one son that is good-for-nothing and will occasionally try to come onto her property to steal from her. She warned us about this on the first day by saying, "Don't you worry. I just get my 9mm and start shooting. It always runs him off."

I'm not going to worry about "Ms. B." Nor am I going to tick her off.

Until Everyone Hears,


The Prophet said...
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Turff said...

I'm a firm believer that the great sanding makes for good mudding. In other words, having good sandpaper makes one look like a great mudder (at least most of the time). There's probably another message in that... something about us, through our faith and effort as followers mudding our life (trying to do our best with the imperfections sin leaves behind) and counting on God, through the sacrifice of Christ, to sand down the spots we don't get just so.

My comment feels kinda insufficient beside that Prophet guy up there.

Shannon Karafanda said...

Sometimes being brief and relevant is more sufficient.

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