Monday, March 9, 2009

"Oh that is so wrong"

One of the best parts of taking a trip with other people are the inside jokes that seem to happen along the way. Our mission trip started yesterday and by the time we reached our destination 6.5 hours later, we already had several inside jokes that could be summed up in pithy little sayings. Here are just a few (and their meanings):

1) Adult Movies: Rev Cindy stayed at a non-church related retreat center a few weeks ago and picked up one of the brochures. She thought it was interesting that they had marriage retreats there. Upon reading further, she found that the couples stayed in private cabins and were allowed to borrow "adult movies" from the front desk to enhance the pleasure of their retreat. The funny part is that in my house we refer to an adult movie as anything that isn't animated. It will give movie night a whole new meaning at our house.

2) "Karen must be in your car"/"Where is Karen sitting?"/Hank Williams Sr.: On the way down to Camp Love in MS, you have to pass through Montgomery, AL. I've passed through many times before and always thought about stopping at the Rosa Parks historical site. Since my passengers were agreeable to this, we decided that we had the perfect opportunity to find the site and take some pictures of history. When we got there, we went to the street that our directions told us to go to but all we saw was a historical marker for Hank Williams Sr. We did see the Rosa Parks library so we decided to park and walk around. As we approached the front of the library, we noticed that Rosa shared her historical marker with good ole Hank.
So as we are relaying this funny fact to another car in our group via cell phone, Rev Joe in the other car asks, "You have Karen with you don't you?" (Karen is African-American but not the reason we stopped) Rev. Cindy replies, "Yes, she's in the back seat of the van." We've been catching heck ever since about making Karen sit in the back.

3) "If it crawls or slithers, leave it alone.": Getting used to working in a different area can be challenging. For the pastors on this mission trip, it can be scary. We are used to working in offices and visiting people at their homes. And for most of us, we don't handle snakes, ants, or scorpions on a daily basis. So it was comforting that during the orientation session for our work site, one of the first things we learned is "if it crawls or slithers, leave it alone."

So far it has been very eventful, fulfilling, and fun! Today we insulated Ms. "B"'s home, hung sheet rock, and slapped some mud on the seams and nails. I leared a lot and am getting to know the others better. We are working with a crew from Sixes UMC in Canton and Centenary UMC from New Berg, NC.

Tune in next time when I'll explain, "I'll get my 9mm, and run him off."

Until Everyone Hears,

Dr. K

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