Saturday, December 6, 2008

Families Prepare for ???

I'm preaching tomorrow and I'm falling into the trap 85% (in any given week) all pastors fall into - Saturday evening sermon writing. We are in the middle of advent (preparing for Christmas) and also in part of a sermon series called Family First. We're looking at things Families put first and how the Holy Family put certain things first.

So as I usually do with sermon writing, I start with a list. Here's what I have so far. See if you can add to it.

Families prepare for ...

new jobs
school starting
changes in season
the next day
going to bed
date night
family game night

Here's another: The Holy Family prepared for ...

Traveling to Bethlehem
Jesus' arrival
Leaving to go to Egypt
Traveling to the Temple
*What's unusual about all of these is that unexpected twists made these difficult to prepare for so most important thing they could prepare for was being flexible

God prepares us with grace.
We prepare for God by being flexible and open to Him in anything.

Okay that's a start. I'll finish tonight - after all once you've procrastinated, why not put it off even more? Plus I can use the irony of procrastination in my Families Prepare sermon!

Until Everyone Hears,


The Lighthouse is... said...

How about preparing for meals, especially Since it's Communion Sunday. Early Advent is always about being ready for the return of Jesus. You could also say Jesus used the Last Supper to help prepare us for his return. ~ MSJ

Anonymous said...

Some families prepare for the procrastinators in their midst, being ready to pick up the loose ends they might leave behind : )

But I love the idea of preparing to be flexible, this is one that I need to work on.

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