Monday, October 20, 2008


We just finished a week of family and fun while celebrating Dori's Baptism. I love these family times when we've got everyone here together. We had 12 people and a dog sleeping at our house for about 5 days and two others that stayed at a hotel but were here most of the day. We did some touristy things, ate out a bit, and played a game of 99 that was so much fun I felt like we were in a movie. It was a bit surreal. Imagine my 2nd grade son standing on a chair and initiating the wave after each hand. Good times.

Now the house is quiet. I mean really quiet. The boys are back at school, the baby is napping and the dog is enjoying her pain meds (she just got fixed). I'm thinking I need to get ready for the day but all I can do is enjoy the quiet. It really is a blessing to be able to take just a moment and sit and listen. If I sit long enough I know God will "speak" to me. At first my conscience just nags - wash the dishes, answer emails, write your sermon etc. But then I can hear God telling me He loves me and that all is well.

I think most of us are scared of the quiet. We crave it but at the same time we are scared of what God might say. He might tell us to be like Abraham and take all our things and go find a new home. How scary. But also how exciting. Yes sometimes I definitely fear what God has in store for me but I also know that I'm only fearing the unknown.

So for now I'll sit and listen to the quiet. Because it reminds me of the chaos of family and that makes me happy and grateful to God.

Until Everyone Hears,
Dr. K

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