Wednesday, October 24, 2007

The Holy Spirit - A Hostage Situation

This week I've been welcomed back to the USA with a lovely church crisis. It really isn't so much a crisis as an over dramatized situation. Without going into details, there is a particular person in the church who once again believes that the leadership of the church is driving The Holy Spirit out of all things.

While it excites me to know that any single one of us could have such power, I was a bit disappointed. I was counting on The Holy Spirit to be there for me on Sunday; to talk to me through prayer; and frankly to help me with church drama. But since the HS has been taken hostage, I guess I can no longer rely on it for such things.

What a contrast to Vienna. In Vienna, people put their families before church drama. Things closed down by 2:00 pm on Saturday and everything was closed on Sunday. Not necessarily because they are overly religious but because they realize the value of slowing down and stopping to smell the roses (or taste the sausages, wine, and pastries).

I could easily see how someone could give up the church (or unknowingly God) just to have that ease of life. Church is not supposed to be difficult in this way. It isn't supposed to be a burden. It is supposed to be an extention of Christ's work and a place to renew your spirit, not a place to validate agendas and criticize lifestyles.

Fortunately I think the drama is short lived. There maybe some fallout from it but since I believe our mission is in the right direction, this will only be a bump in the life our our church. Things like this are why so many people don't go to church at all. I hope we can keep the drama down and the spirit high (that is if the HS ever comes out of negotiations).

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