Wednesday, April 29, 2020

Slow Down!

Reflections on the Unknown

Rev. Matt Nelson reflections on how the unknown can be disrupting. What happens when you peel back the layers of comfort in our lives? The story of the calling of Samuel offers some insight about how to become more aware of the voice of God. You can watch the full reflection here: 

Slowing Down

We are constantly on the go. And when we are forced to slow down we become anxious. Am I missing something? What happens next? We forget that the Psalmist tells us to be still and know that God is present. Sometimes the busyness gets in the way of our faith. Look at this time of sheltering in place as a gift. So many other things have been taken away but you now have the chance to spend time with God. You have a chance for your soul to catch up with your body. Take deep breaths. Walk with God. Have no other agenda than to just be with God. I promise it is worth it!.

-Until Everyone Hears

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Anonymous said...

Voice of God and church sounds like shame, humiliation, and rejection

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