Sunday, February 12, 2012

Operation Birthday: Day 11

Today's Mission: Party!

I enjoy a good party.  I enjoy throwing a good party even more!  But when I'm the focus of the party yet I have no say in it, I get a bit nervous.  I start asking the "what if" questions:

What if they have balloons? (I have a major phobia)
What if all they have to eat is mushrooms and cucumbers? (I don't eat fungus and cuke seeds are too strong a flavor for me)
What if I'm not dressed right?
What if I say the wrong thing?
What if others don't have fun?
What if no one talks to me?
What if I don't convey my appreciation enough?

Before you start thinking that I'm a worry wart or wonder where your invitation went, let me tell you that my party for close family and friends was a worry free one.

We had a marvelous time and it was a great celebration.

The women and the children joined in the celebration, and the noise they all made could be heard for miles. Nehemiah 12:43

Until Everyone Hears,

Sis' girls with my Dori

A different sis - Johnsafanda

Stepmonstor and me

Daddy and me

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Well said, Darling! And you see, your Monster has long known all those things about you and would NEVER put you in a position to be uncomfortable with balloons, cukes or shrooms! I think I saw a few people talking to you (lol), and your level of appreciation was quite appropriate. Love you, dvgj!

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