Monday, May 17, 2010

Things I'm Learning From Boot Camp

Last week I got serious about my health goals for the year. I'd been eating healthy and exercising up to that point but I'd also been eating junk with the good stuff and exercising only to maintain. After a consultation with my accountability partners, I got a good kick in the butt: "I hate cleaning the house but I do it every week. You know what you need to do so just do it!" We'll those words worked and I decided to do it.

I also decided that paying money to work out is worth it. I paid A LOT of money for my education and never really blink at it so dropping a bit to encourage me to workout each day shouldn't be shunned. God gave me this body and it is worthy to be taken care of. So I took the plunge and signed up for Operation Boot Camp.

I get up at 4:50 every morning in order to get to the park by 5:15. We work out for one hour and then I'm home in time to see the family off to work and school before I start my day.

After one week I've learned a few valuable pieces of info:

1) Getting out of the bed is the hardest part. Contrary to what others might think, boot camp itself is not so bad. I do push myself and I can't do everything right now but once I'm there, I'm committed to doing it. When the alarm goes off, I think "Hmmm... if I hadn't paid for this, I'd probably not be getting up."

2) It takes a village. If I tried to do the exercises in the boot camp on my own, I'm pretty sure I'd cave in and not finish. But since I'm part of a group of 24 people who expect me to be there every morning, I get up. We encourage each other through it and build energy to push ourselves. I've also posted my goals and status on facebook to get others to encourage me. This experience has given me great arguments as to why we should worship as a group instead of at the Church of the Living Room.

3) Keep a positive attitude. One thing I loved from the start of Boot Camp is that a negative attitude is NOT allowed. If one person starts complaining about how early it is, then the rest of us will chime in. It just isn't tolerated. Negative talk and self-talk will guarantee negative results. Wouldn't it be great if all our organizations used this motto? Can you image no negative talk? That doesn't mean there isn't corrective feedback. I've tried this as much as I can in other parts of my life this week. Its made a HUGE difference. I feel I'm better able to show God's love by being positive. I know I knew this before, but Boot Camp was a great reminder of how often we let other people's negativity affect us.

So now I've got three more weeks. I will do it! I will go just a little bit more. I am improving my health. I will push myself beyond where I thought I could go.

Until Everyone Hears,

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