Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Making Room

I took Shane to the orthodontist today for a consultation. It seems he doesn't have enough room for all his permanent teeth to grow in so we are going to have to make room for them by pulling some baby teeth that aren't loose. I say we but I really mean the dentist. By making some room in his mouth, his permanent teeth will be able to come in at the right places and be stronger. Otherwise he'll end up with a mouthful of what I like to call "shark" teeth.

Unfortunately its not always that easy to make room. Our Christmas tree this year runneth over. For the first time we've had to turn ornaments away that would otherwise be bestowed the honor of hanging on our tree. We've tried to load down the tree as much as we could but alas they don't all fit. We really can't afford a second tree this year nor are we able to make room for one so instead we have the second string ornaments in a Christmas tin on a table near the tree.

It wasn't possible for people to make room for Jesus when he was born. The town was crowded and rooms were already "over booked." So instead he was born in a stable. Joseph and Mary both had to make room in their hearts for Jesus. Mary asked how it could happen. Joseph wanted out. But they both made room for Jesus and welcomed him into the world. The inn keep could have just said "sorry" but instead offered a stable.

We don't always give Jesus our best and we don't always welcome him the first time but making room for Jesus is what Christmas is all about. Sometimes its painful, confusing, hard, or smelly (think about a stable) but when the room is made, miracles happen.

I hope that you can make room in your life for Jesus and see the miracles only he can bring.

Until Everyone Hears,

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