Sunday, August 2, 2009

Funkalicious shAnnostyLe

I just finished preaching at this morning's service and still have a bit of the Holy Spirit desparately trying to get out of me so I of course feel the need to blog.

Good preacher's have different styles or trademarks if you will. Andy Stanley has his "Listen, listen, listen" phrase. Rick Warren wears his hawaain shirts. Pastor Mark likes to asks questions that he whispers the answers to.

But for some reason I never really thought I had a style. I like to use a specific model for forming the organization of the sermon (personal story, bigger story, scripture, solution to a problem, how to apply it) and I ALWAYS want to use humor in my sermons. God gave us life so that we may have it abundantly and I don't think we can truly live with out some laughter in our life.

So I was shocked this morning when someone said I had a "style". A "style"? Me? Before I got too excited that I'm the next female Andy Stanley of the UMC, I had to ask... what do you mean by that? Because unfortunately I grew up listening to a few different styles that weren't so good. There was the "Letsprayforeveryoneintheworldstylesowedontforgettoleaveanyoneout" and the "anyonewhoplaysthelotteryisgoingtohell-style". Both of which did not impress me too much.

But then I got an answer I was looking for - a name for my style. Funkaliscious shAnnostyLe. I have to admit that I was NOT the one that came up with this - thanks @turff (just like "Dr. K" all good nicknames are thrust upon you). But I DO like it!

So in thinking about this style of mine, I've come up with the major characteristics of the funkalicious shAnnosyLe that are evolving:

1) LAUGH LAUGH LAUGH - because God is good and it should make us happy

2) I always try to use the word "poop" in an appropriate context in every sermon. This started after I had boys and was still working with youth. They tended to pay more attention to clean potty humor (an oxymoron I know) so I used it frequently. By the time I got around to preaching again, it was just part of who I was. Yes it makes some people uncomfortable, but it's who I am and it seems to work for some.

3) I CANNOT USE NOTES! This may be hard for some people to understand but I've tried it both ways and ANY kind of notes that I may have really hinder me. They are a crutch I don't need. After having Dori and going through many months of sleep deprivation I went back to using a few notes. I was just too nervous to go it alone. In my opinion it showed poor faith that God would get me through. My sermons suffered. Today was probably the best one I've delivered since she was born and although I was disciplined to spend some good time in prayer working on it, I'm convinced that my lack of notes this morning really allowed me to rely on the Spirit and let God speak through me.

That's all for now. My "style" is evolving. Oh and I preached on "Greatness" today. If you keep striving to be closer to God and be like God and stick with God - then we can be "great" like God. I hope my style is great, effective, and God-like (even when I say poop).

Until Everyone Hears,

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