Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Bathroom Graffiti Theology

I was recently on a trip to Durango, Colorado when a troubling event happened. My boys were fascinated by something in the men's room and I couldn't go in there to see what it was. I was concerned until I went to the ladies' room and discovered that this particular pizza place allowed patrons to write whatever they wished on the walls of the stalls. As Durango is a college town there was a large variety of ideas, names, phone numbers, complaints, and yes even theology written on the walls. Now that my kids can read and read fluently, there was nothing stopping them from enjoying this new wonder in life - bathroom micro blogging.

I've come across many bathroom philosophies in my day. (parental warning of bad language and potty humor)

A favorite of mine and my roommate's was "I am depressed and so downhearted. Had to poop but merely farted." - it is always better when it rhymes isn't it?

The one I particularly liked in Colorado was "Life's a bitch. Because if it was a slut it'd be easy."

But the saying that fascinated my boys the most was "Life's a tale told by an Indian."

That one made me stop and pause. On the one hand I like the idea of life being told in the dramatic way that we often portray native Americans as they tell stories by the campfire but there's a different quality to this statement that I didn't like. It almost reminded me of the Truman Show where Christof is an Indian telling/directing the story.

So after this internal struggle that went on way too long (about 5 minutes) I decided that bathroom theology is not the way to God. I know its a shocker. I've been so caught up lately in tweeting, facebooking, and blogging, and hoping that just one of my updates would bring someone closer to God that I lost track of the way I grow closer to God. As much as I like to think of Proverbs as the original tweets and the letters of Paul as an ancient attempt to blog, I haven't forgot that my faith is formed by the whole scope of scripture and not just in its own context but in my context of what I'm experiencing today.

So out I come from the bathroom, ready to experience all the love and life that God has to show me through this world. And for a good time call (###) ###-####.

Until Everyone Hears,


chat to text said...

Loved your post. Got me thinking about all the tools we use for communicating, blogging, twitter, emails, texting and especially art (which graffiti can be in alot of cases)

One day I stumbled across my amature artistic talents that has since turned into a tool for communicating my faith. Here are a couple of "Not for Sale" Scripture Sculptures...Hope you enjoy as much as I enjoyed your post.


"OrganicFreak" & "Wechattotext" on Twitter

Shannon Karafanda said...

Ed - u are right! I use twitter way too much as bathroom graffiti. Good news is that it washes off easier.

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