Tuesday, May 26, 2009

To do list

Its almost mid year so before school lets out I decided to evaluate how my goals for 2009 (see list on the right column) are doing.

1) Read thru the Bible: I'm in the book of 1 Samuel. I'm behind where I should be but have made much progress and I'm learning even more every time I read.
2) Maintain healthy weight, exercise and diet routine. Doing well with this. I'm down 10 pounds and I'm still working on it. I walk daily and eat low carb and low fat often.
3) I did an online scrapbook for last year and it was SOOO much faster than what I used to do. I'll do Dori's baby book the old fashioned way after her b-day in June
4) Dave Ramsey's baby steps. I'm still in the 3-6 month emergency fund step.
5) House decorating. I painted the office and rearranged the furniture. Its a much better layout. We also have plans to buy a new sofa and hopefully paint upstairs. That'll do it if for this year.
6) Anniversary vacation turned into a family thanksgiving cruise. One year we'll do the Hawaii trip for just the two of us (hopefully soon).
7) Roxy no longer jumps at the door (the vet is a different story). She's doing much better but has about a year or two to go until the puppyness goes away.
8) Dori's been developing nicely and goes to grandma's once week and usually gets to play with Emma too.
9) Still havent found my workshop or class non-job related. I'll look again in the fall. I was hoping to do a one day yoga workshop but the one I found I had a conflict.
10) Have 200 in worship at Lighthouse. Working toward it. We maybe moving into a different/better facility soon so I'm hoping that will build momentum!
11) I'm up to almost 12,000 words on the book. I WILL be done this year.

My goal for next year - less goals.

Hope you are doing well on yours.

Until Everyone Hears,

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Diane Flynn said...

Hooray for you, well done on getting toward your goals! Thanks also for the update, it's good to know you're keeping an eye on progress and letting us all know how it's going.

As always, please let us know if you need help/support in reaching any of them.

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