Friday, May 8, 2009


"Saying goodbye, why is it sad? Makes us remember the good times we had. So much to say, fooling to try. It's time for saying good-bye."

Yes I AM quoting a muppets song and no I don't care how silly that makes me!

I've had to say good-bye a few times this week. Last weekend I attending the Glover/Steele/Johns family reunion. It was great to get together and I even may end up officiating a cousin's wedding next year because of it, but in the end we all said good-bye and I knew that for some of them I wouldn't see them again until next year.

I also had to say good-bye to my covenant group of pastors that I've been meeting with this year. Although I'll see all of these people once a year or more so, I'll never get to spend time with them in this setting and in a small way this makes me really sad. We've grown close like family and shared great, deep feelings. I'm blessed to have had them there during this time of my life.

And today I said good-bye with and for someone in our church who lost their father. I never knew him but said good-bye all the same. I hurt for her and her brothers and the pain they felt from celebrating their dad's life and also remembering their mother who had died a long ago. In a strange way it is always a blessing to be there for someone when they mourn a death.

I don't know how people say good-bye that have no faith. For me, saying good-bye is a celebration of who we are, a reflection for the transition we're going through at the time, and a blessing for the future. It does make us remember our good times and helps us seal those memories in our heart. Good-bye's are hard because we want to say so much and yet there's not always words to express our feelings.

So as I was reminded of today in the funeral, I need to stop and say "I love you". If you are reading this it is probably because I love you. All of the people that I know read my blog I love. And the ones I don't know, I write so that you can find love - hopefully through God but also through others expressing God's love. So again I say, "I love you." and may all your good-byes be blessings.

Until Everyone Hears,

Karen and I on our Covenant Group Mission Trip!


danajk said...

You are so good!! I love this post! I am so glad that we have awesome pastors in this world like you.

Unknown said...

Love you too, my friend! You said it well.

Anonymous said...

I really like the idea of saying 'I love you' instead of saying 'good bye'. I suspect if we stopped to count the good bye to I love you ration, we'd all be painfully short on the love side.


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