Wednesday, December 10, 2008

I love the night life, I like to bullet.

Lists, faith

If you can't tell, I'm a bullet-er. A list maker if you will. 
  • Need something done? I'll start a list. 
  •  Going to the grocery store? Can't do it without a list. 
  • Shopping for Christmas? Where's the list? 

I have a to do list every week and a short term and long term goal list. Perhaps I'm a bit obsessed and should try and wean myself but it hasn't made the list yet. 

 Lists are Biblical. 
  • 10 commandments 
  • Beatitudes 
  • the begats
  • lists of ancestry
  • the apostles
  • the lists of tribes
  • the lists of things not to eat
  • the lists of kings. 
Proverbs is really a list of pithy sayings. And the rest of the Bible is just a list of Books consisting of a list of chapters with lists of verses. 

 There's also St. Peter's list in the Book of Life. Santa's list - while not really a Biblical figure is associated with Christianity. And still puts fear in me near Christmas. So the other day I was making my New Year's resolutions list. I'm really not one for resolutions but since I hadn't updated my goals in awhile, I decided to make a NEW LIST!! Yeah me! I also was reading my cousin-in-law's blog and she posted her "to-do" list right on her blog! What a great way to be held accountable. So I'm doing the same thing. Here's what I've got so far: 

  1. Read through the Bible again in 2009
  2. Maintain a healthy weight, exercise routine and diet.
  3. Finish scrapbook to date, Dori’s baby book, and start online scrap-booking
  4. Dave Ramsey’s baby steps 
  5. Organize, decorate, and arrange my house until it’s uber comfy
  6. Plan anniversary vacation
  7. Finish Roxy’s training 
  8. Help John and Shane thrive; Dori – development and Kindermusik
  9. Take a class or workshop non-job related.
  10. Have over 200 in worship at Lighthouse.
  11. Finish writing my book. 
Okay I really wanted to stick with 10 but that last one came to me today and I think I need to get it done next year. I'm 1/3 through so I should just do it. I know that some of these are ambitious but I'm not thinking of them as a 2009 to do list but rather a to-do list for life. I also see this as an opportunity for 11 more blogs! Hope you can help me with these. And let me know if I can help you with yours. What are your goals for the next year? Post them here if you wish. 

 Until Everyone Hears,


Anonymous said...

I'm also a list-maker, Jo hates that I 'talk in bullets'.

You have an ambitious list for 2009. I'm a slacker, haven't thought that far ahead. I'm wondering, though, do you and JAK have any 'couple goals' for the year?

Shannon Karafanda said...

this is more of a 2009-2012 list. as for couples goals, getting john to write a goal is like getting him to stop sleeping on the couch, but i'd like to plan a nice 15th anniversary trip sans kiddos.

Jennifer said...

Good luck with your list! I will be continuing to work on mine into 2009. Something tells me I won't get it all done before the end of the year....

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