Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Financial Woes

Well the economic crunch is not a myth. At first I thought it was something the media brought up just for ratings. Or something that the left or right wing brought up to influence elections. But no we're feeling here in the Karafanda home and at church so I know its real.

Every Sunday after worship I skip out. I'm on such a high from praising God that I don't want the numbers to let me down. Later on that afternoon I check to see what they are and each week it seems like it just can't get any worse... and it does.

The worst part isn't budget cuts or salary reductions (your truly included), its the spiritual loss that comes from lack of finances. You see when you have a mission that you are truly passionate about, you'll do anything to see it happen and you can easily get depressed or anxious when it doesn't. We have so many hopes and dreams at our church that are slowly fading because we don't have the funds to see them through.

Its the same way with any family. I remember when I was in 3rd grade and my dad lost his job. Actually I didn't find out until he already had another lined up but he went without a job for about three months. My parents had hopes for vacations, college savings plans, nice clothes for me, cars that weren't clunkers. But during this time those things were on hold. In fact they were on hold for much of my childhood. Disappointing yes - especially when I had to pay back some student loans, but it was not devistating.

We got through it and in fact were the better for it. I pray that our church will be too. I know that things will change and our mission won't be carried out in the same way we dreamed at first but I know it will be carried out. And I believe that I'll be lucky enough to see it happen.

Until Everyone Hears.
Dr. K

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Anonymous said...

Call me up for a challenge, but...

I think people get much more creative about how to fulfill their mission when cash is short. It's easy to do great things when you're flush. It's much more interesting when you're not quite sure where the money will come from. I hope that instead of being disheartened, you'll find some excitement in having to think outside the box, in finding new ways to address old problems.

Good luck!!

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