Planning a Trip

We're planning for a trip to New York. We leave on Friday and are driving with the 3 kids. Our planned stops are Raleigh, Washington DC, Phili/New Jersey, and finally Latham, NY. Driving may seem like a headache but is actually the lesser of two evils this time of year. For one thing it will save us around $1000 and we get the benefit of seeing some cool things along the way. I'll keep you posted of the fun times we have.

Until Everyone Hears,


Anonymous said…
NYC rocks!

I forgot to send you the brochure I picked up on open-top bus tours, and now I can't find it. If you go to Rockefeller Center, there's a bunch of guys there selling tickets. You can go to the Top of the Rock while you're there, too, JAK will love that.

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