Friday, November 7, 2008

Election Results

As I watched the election returns on Tuesday, I thought I'd be upset or anxious. Very few of my candidates made it (of course I did vote for one libertarian). And the ones that did make it I wasn't all that fired up about to begin with. But instead of feeling distraught, I felt so happy and proud. I was excited to see our constitutional system at work. I was pleased that people everywhere were voting and were attentive to the results. People were celebrating!

How I wish there were more things like this to celebrate. It seems that just days after the election the newness has worn off and the sky is falling once again - or at least the economy. People seem to focus on the doom and gloom. But the sun still came up this morning and will still come up tomorrow so instead of the negativity lets remember what we have to celebrate. I've made a list of my gratitude. Maybe you should think of yours. It will certainly make you smile!

My family
Our new baby
Freedom to vote
Fall colors
Cool weather
The gift of laughter
My needs being met
The people I've met through Lighthouse
Being able to start a new church
My health
My parents are still here
John's parents are still here
The wisdom God has given me
our new dog
watching my children play
hearing them laugh
catching up with old friends on facebook
my small group and their cool questions
all the books I have to read
and on and on and on....

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Anonymous said...

Funnnily enough, I've only just recently stirred up a bit of trouble on the whole subject of so elegantly say it all with your post!
I just read 'The Year of Living Biblically' and in it, he tries to prayer more, but finds he's best at prayers of thanks. He also notes that if he's thankfully for every little thing that goes right (like the elevator responding to the call button), it's amazing how quickly all the little things to be grateful for add up and outweigh the big things that he's not-so-grateful for. It's such a good lesson on being mindful, appreciative of the here and now.

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