Sunday, September 28, 2008

I was warned.

I was warned many many months ago that starting a blog is fun in the beginning but at some point I'll get fewer and further in between blogs. I won't mean to do this. It will just happen.

Of course I did not heed such warning. I thought about writing an excess of blogs so that I could randomly post them whenever as to appear that I was writing on a regular basis but in actuality just buying me some time. But I never realized that I'd end up having a 3rd child and mommy brain would quickly take over causing me to neglect my blog so much.

So after a hiatus of about 1 year (and adding a beautiful baby girl - see family photos on different blog), I'm back to blogging. At least for today. The thing about having children is that you realize with each one how terribly inefficient the world really is. You see no one is ever tuned into the rhythm of a new baby except the new (or new again) mom. And nothing is more important in the world but a mom's baby. So when people don't align their timing to what me and my baby need, I get frustrated with inefficentcies.

For example, is there really a need for the election process to go on SOOO long? I was a political junkie early on this year, but after having the baby I now see no need. I know who I'm going to vote for and I can't imagine why anyone else hasn't made up their mind yet! And what about this gas crisis? I have no time to wait in line or drive around trying to find gas for my car. Once it runs out, you can find me at home. I can walk to all major necessary places and will be happier for it. Bail outs? Don't even get me started!

How ironic that I complain about inefficientcy after such a long leave of absence from blogging? Well I didn't say that all my ideas are just. They're just correct in my own mind. So until everyone hears, may you have a timely day. I've gotta get back to the baby.


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