Tuesday, November 6, 2007

The Golden Compass

I've received at least five emails in the past week urging me to boycott the movie, "The Golden Compass". As I'm not normally the boycotting type, I wondered why so many people would think that I would care so much about about this particular movie.

At first the name didn't really ring a bell but then I did a bit more research. The movie stars Nicole Kidman and Daniel Craig (who would want to boycott looking at him?). The film is based on a trilogy of books written by a British author who is a self-proclaimed atheist (in other words he speaks freely that these are his beliefs/non-beliefs). The books have become quite popular in London as they are adventure oriented as a child goes on a quest "to kill God." Now since I haven't read the books I'm not exactly sure what this means. Does it mean she literally wants to kill God? Spiritually? Is God a character (I've read this is true)? Or is this just a quest for self discovery and meaning?

From what I gather the movie actually looks fascinating and beautifully done. I have at this point no reason to boycott, write letters, petition, or in any other way get my panties in a wad over this movie.

But what about the athiest overtones in the movie you say? All the more reason to see it. Why as a Christian would I want to deprive myself of seing the view point of a well done artistic rendition of thought that differs radically from mine? How can I learn to love my neighbor if I don't know who my neigbor is? Plus I would NEVER speak out against something without seing it first! I may not go to something because it doesn't look interesting to me, but I'll never use that as an excuse to boycott a movie.

So I tell you - do the opposite! Go and see this movie. Find out for yourself what this is all about. I'd be willing to bet you might learn something. And I'd be willing to bet that in a country (UK) that has so much Christian influence in its liturature and art, there are just as many Christian overtones in the movie as there are atheist. But then again I could be wrong, I'll just have to see for myself.

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