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How do I pray for...

The Top Three Things People Pray For According to Barna research, Prayer is by far the most common spiritual practice among Americans. No matter what religion someone professes, the odds are high that they pray. We've spent a lot of time on the basics of prayer in general but there are a few things that most Americans pray for more than others. While the majority of people who pray give thanks and praise to God, they also ask for three things more than others. These three things aren't the only things people ask for but they tend to get more prayer time than other things. Everyone has doubt at some point but even when people doubt they still have hope in the power of prayer. 
Before you read on, watch this inspirational video on the power of prayer. I hope it encourages you to continue enriching your prayer life and connecting with God.

1) Praying for Healing The number one thing that people ask for is healing. It's no wonder. Jesus healed a lot of people. Jesus healed ev…

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