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Beauty in the journey

I love going to the airport. Doesn't really matter which one, although some are better than others. The energy at the airport is fantastic. I'm not sure where you can get every emotion all at once. Some people are excited about vacation. Some are tired from traveling. Some are frustrated because of a change in plans. Some are sad to be saying goodbye. Some are ecstatic to be saying hello. And some are anxious at getting on a plane.

Its kind of beautiful in its own way. The Atlanta airport isn't known for its artwork or museum but it has some of the best visual displays in between concourses. The one pictured here is in between concourses A and B. I love this walkway. It transports me for just a second into a rain forest and then spits me out at the bottom of an escalator waiting to take me on my next journey.

We often say that the journey is just as important as the destination. And I agree. How we frame the steps of our lives in between the milestones is where God forms …

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