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5 Steps to Detoxing

I signed up for a 6 week fitness and nutrition program. I'm on day 2. I guess I should mention that this is day 2 of no caffeine. I can add it back in tomorrow. The first two days are detox days where I'm supposed to give my liver a break so that it can function better the rest of the time. There's a bit of fasting that goes on and a limited diet of veggies and veggies during the detox days.

I'm feeling both better and worse right now. I had already lost a few pounds going into this so I know I'm multiplying the momentum by sticking to the plan. But my brain is cloudy. My head feels like I've got a tight hat on and I'm using muscles I haven't used in quite sometime.

Detoxing other parts of our lives is no different. Its the same steps:

Create a plan that replaces bad habits with good ones. If you're getting toxic people out of your life, find new friends. If you're getting negativity out of your life, turn off the news and read something inspirat…

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